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1 Shaun Alexander, SEA, RB Every champion team from last season had Alexander
2 LaDainian Tomlinson, SDG, RB Close #2, can't go wrong
3 Larry Johnson, KC, RB Should be a stud, pending health and KC's OL
4 Tiki Barber, NYG, RB
5 Edgerrin James, AZ, RB
6 Rudi Johnson, CIN, RB
7 Ronnie Brown, MIA, RB
8 Steven Jackson, STL, RB
9 Peyton Manning, IND, QB
10 Clinton Portis, WAS RB Draft #80 TJ Duckett as insurance
11 Carnell Williams, TAM, RB Better prepared for the NFL rigors in his second season
12 Steve Smith, CAR, WR
13 Lamont Jordan, OAK, RB
14 Chad Johnson, CIN, WR
15 Torry Holt, STL, WR
16 Willis McGahee, BUF, RB
17 Randy Moss, OAK, WR
18 Larry Fitzgerald, AZ, WR
19 Terrell Owens, DAL, WR
20 Chris Chambers, MIA, WR
21 Brian Westbrook, PHI, RB
22 Antonio Gates, SDG, TE Even more looks as Rivers will go to his #1 often
23 Anquan Boldin, AZ, WR Edge James should take away some of Boldin's YPG
24 Willie Parker, PIT, RB
25 Julius Jones, DAL, RB
26 Rueben Droughns, CLE, RB Quietly solid
27 Warrick Dunn, ATL, RB No more Duckett means more PT
28 Reggie Wayne, IND, WR
29 Hines Ward, PIT, WR
30 Kevin Jones, DET, RB Needs to outplay Calhoun to keep his top 30 spot
31 Roy Williams, DET, WR
32 Corey Dillion, NE, RB Maroney on his heels
33 Donald Driver, GB, WR
34 Santana Moss, NYJ, WR
35 Darrell Jackson, SEA, WR A stud with injury issues
36 Eli Manning, NYG, QB Has the weapons to excel
37 Carson Palmer, CIN, QB Owners will shudder every time he steps back to throw
38 Frank Gore, SF, RB +
39 DeShaun Foster, CAR, RB
40 Dominick Davis, HOU, RB Injury issues could hold him back
41 Plaxico Burress, NYG, WR
42 TJ Houshmanzadeh, CIN, WR
43 Jamal Lewis, BAL, RB -
44 Chester Taylor, MIN, RB Could be a lone bright spot
45 Javon Walker, DEN, WR
46 Jeremy Shockey, NYG, TE
47 Ahman Green, GB, RB
48 Matt Hasselbeck, SEA, QB
49 Tony Gonzalez, KC, TE
50 Tom Brady, NE, QB
51 Joseph Addai, IND, RB
52 Dominic Rhodes, IND, RB
53 Reggie Bush, NO, RB Someone will overvalue and draft early.
54 Todd Heap, BAL, TE
55 Thomas Jones, CHI, RB
56 Derrick Mason, BAL, WR
57 Fred Taylor, JAX, RB Injury concerns always, take Greg Jones in Deep Rounds
58 Donovan McNabb, PHI, QB
59 Joey Galloway, TB, WR
60 Marc Bulger, QB, STL
61 Mike Bell, DEN, RB
62 Tatum Bell, DEN, RB
63 Joe Horn, NO, WR
64 Lee Evans, BUF, WR
65 Chris Brown, TEN, RB
66 Drew Bennett, TEN, WR
67 Kevan Barlow, NYJ, RB
68 Chris Cooley, WAS, TE
69 Donte Stallowrth, WR, PHI
70 Nate Burleson, WR, SEA Return of Darrell Jackson could take away catches
71 Andre Johnson, HOU, WR
72 Laveraneus Coles, NYJ, WR Pennington will be tossing him the ball, Could have career season
73 Deion Branch, NE, WR Should return to NE before the season's 2nd wek
74 Eddie Kennison, KC, WR Numbers will be down from last year
75 Rod Smith, DEN, WR Lelie's exit makes Smith as valuable as he was 3 seasons ago
76 Jake Delhomme, CAR, QB
77 Dante Culpepper, MIA, QB
78 DeAngelo Williams, CAR, RB Buyer beware, Foster could be bonafide #1
79 Alge Crumpler, ATL, TE Should emerge as top flight TE
80 Antonio Bryant, SF, WR Just get him the damn ball
81 TJ Duckett, WAS, RB Goaline vulture
82 Reggie Brown, PHI, WR
83 Jason Witten, DAL, TE TO will take some red zone opportunities away
84 Laurence Maroney, NE, RB Insurance for Dillion Owners
85 Jake Plummer, DEN, QB
86 Brett Farve, GB, QB Nightmare 2005 is behind him, Healthy A Green spells for a decent season
87 Mushin Muhammad, CHI, WR
88 Randy McMichael, MIA, TE
89 Terry Glenn, DAL, WR
90 Troy Williamson, MIN, WR If he stays healthy, could be a top sleeper pick
91 Trent Green, KC, QB Health issues abound, yardage will be steep
92 Drew Bledsoe, DAL, QB
93 Kurt Warner, ARZ, QB
94 Marion Barber, DAL, RB
95 Ernest Wilford, JAX, WR
96 Greg Jones, JAX, RB
97 Matt Jones, JAX, WR
98 Mike Anderson, BAL, RB Should replace J Lewis as #1 in Baltimore by Week 6
99 Michael Vick, ATL, WR
100 Cedric Benson, CHI, RB Injury plagued?
101 Lendale White, TEN, RB   Don't overvalue til you see him perform
102 Walli Lundy, HOU, RB
103 Kevin Curtis, STL, WR
104 David Carr, HOU, QB
105 Heath Miller, PIT, TE
106 Keenan McCardell, SD, WR
107 Steve McNair, BAL, QB
108 Drew Brees, NO, QB
109 Isaac Bruce, STL, WR
110 LJ Smith, PHI, TE
111 Doug Gabriel, OAK, WR
112 Jerry Porter, OAK, WR
113 Ledell Betts, WAS, RB
114 Keyshawn Johnson, CAR, WR
115 Chicago Bears, Defense
116 Mark Brunell, WAS, QB
117 Ben Roethlisberger, PIT, QB
118 Brandon Lloyd, WAS, WR
119 Braylon Edwards, CLE, WR Future #2 fantasy WR
120 Brandon Stokley, IND, WR
121 Vernon Davis, SF, TE
122 Jerrius Norwood, ATL, RB Nice insurance for Dunn Owners
123 Byron Leftwich, JAX, QB Potential job insecurity
124 Amani Toomer, NYG, WR He can't possibly be as bad as he was last year
125 Michael Clayton, TAM, WR
126 David Givens, TEN, WR
127 JP Losman, BUF, QB Sleeper alert
128 Kellen Winslow, CLE, TE Could emerge as a #1 TE by seasons end
129 Ben Watson, NE, TE
130 Mark Clayton, WR, BAL