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Please read this carefully before emailing in your updates.


Purpose of this document is to explain what updates are and how to do them.  If you are a longtime GM, update rules are the same as they have been in past seasons.


Objective: To select which players of yours improved the most from the past NHL (03-04) season as their simulation statistics will be changed to these statistics improving your GLHL player.  In the event where the project disk ratings from NHL 02-03 improve your players ratings, these ratings will be used.  In addition, if you feel your player would benefit from also have the statistics from the project disk of NHL-02-03 as well, an update to these can also be made.


Each team has 5 updates of any kind.


How to Update

  1. First, examine your major league roster and your inactive roster to view which players are on your roster.

Major Rosters:

Inactive Rosters:


These rosters are always updated.  If you find a discrepancy please email,


  1. Examine the statistics of your players from the NHL 03-04 statistics page.  These stats are available on, and a number of other sources.  Below are the links to the yahoo pages.

Skaters  (this page may a take a while to load)



Once you have selected your players, make sure they have played the minimum amount of games to be update (25 for all skaters) .


  1. Create your list.  Below is a sample list for the Detroit Red Wings:

NHL 03-04

Ilya Kovalchuk

Trent Hunter

Mark Bell

Kirk Maltby

Chris Clark


For example:  Kovalchuk recorded 67 pts in his current GLHL stats.  Once he is updated, his statistics in GLHL will be 87 pts)


  1. If you would like to make sure your players would not benefit from an update to the project disk ratings and statistics, please download a copy of the NHL-02-03 project disk and examine the ratings and stats of the players.

FB Ratings of Players from the NHL 02-03 project disk


If your player was updated last season to NHL 02-03 statistics, they will be updated this off-season to NHL 02-03 project disk ratings.  There is no need to update these players again.


  1. Email a copy of your list to


  1. I post the results of your updates on the page as I receive them. To view past updates, visit the League History page.